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  • We exhibited at Musikmesse 2015


The European biggest international fair for musical instruments “Musikmesse” was held for 4 days from April 15th to 18th in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

About 110,000 people from over 140 countries visited the fair with “Prolight+sound” and enjoyed themselves watching and playing various kinds of musical instruments.

With the comfortable spring weather, the whole city was filled with lively atmosphere thanks to this event.

Japanese people learn how to play recorders at elementary and junior high schools, so recorders are familiar to everyone.

Recorders are often used in schools in European countries too.

Many people, from the young to senior enjoyed playing AULOS recorders in a friendly manner.

We have been an exhibitor of this Musikmesse in Frankfurt since 1982.

The fair will be open to public for the whole days from next year.

We are hoping even more recorder lovers and players will try our AULOS recorders and experience its unique rich, warm and peaceful tone.