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  • We exhibited at Musikmesse 2014


The world’s biggest international fair for musical instruments “Musikmesse” was held for 4 days from March 12th to 15th in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The weather during the fair was bright and sunny, and around 110,000 people visited the fair.

We have been exhibiting our AULOS recorders over 30 years since 1982.

Here are some pictures of AULOS stand 2014. AULOS recorder boasts its luxurious appearance, peaceful and sophisticated tone, as if it is made of wood. Many users, distributors of AULOS recorders from a variety of countries visited our exhibition stand during the fair again this year.

AULOS recorders are familiar to children because they are used in field of education not only in Japan, but also in many countries. Because of this, AULOS recorders caught attention from different generations.

Once you have found your favorite instrument or interesting stand, time passes by really quickly. Even though this exhibition is held for 4 days, it is not long enough for many visitors.

We had a meaningful time during the fair by meeting and exchanging information with our oversea customers and users this year again. We would like to come back to the show next year to boost the excitement with others, and to contribute to the music industry.