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Manufacture and sales of Musical Instruments

We are marketing recorders, Shinobue and fifes as the ideal educational instruments to cultivate aesthetic sensibilities, and Flauto Traverso and Japanese Ocarinas for professional players.

Recorders have been our principal products since the foundation of AULOS.

Recorders which have solid history and are relatively easy to handle, were adopted as part of Japanese school curriculum in the 1950s. Since then, many millions of people have chosen AULOS recorders worldwide.

AULOS recorders also have a good reputation for their quality, and children from many countries are enjoying their performances while playing AULOS recorders.

Planning and sales of sheet music and CDs

Another principal focus is recorder sheet-music: easy and pleasant textbooks and music scores for beginners, original scores for everyone in the class.

Sales of imported instruments and musical sheets

Following are the main items we are dealing in.

Wooden Recorders MOECK
Batons Talwar
Music Sheets for recorders ARCADIAN, bellmann, Bornmann, BOOSEY & HAWKES, Doblinger, FENTONE, Hawthorns, HOFMEISTER, J.D.Wall, MOECK, NOETZEL, Peacock, Pelikan, SCHOTT, SIKORSKI, STAINER & BELL, UNIVERSAL, Ursus